Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read and understand our terms of service. This page covers the most common issues and matters that may arise while accessing this website (www.certifreecates.com) or using any of our certificate templates and other related resources, social media, forums or services that you may receive from our website. Shall you disagree with the terms and conditions stated on this page, kindly stop accessing this website.

This agreement with Certifreecates covers all the users and guest visitors of this website. It shall be considered that you are of legal age and eligible to be part of this legally binding agreement with your accordance to these terms and conditions. Otherwise, you are deemed to be using our services under your legal guardian’s supervision.

Certifreecates is entitled to keep track of what you are doing on our website but we are not required to do this all the time. We have the right to stop you from using our services, disable or cancel your account and/or in our own decision provide relevant authorities/third parties with valuable data such as messages, copies, communications or any content should we notice that any of your actions infringed any applicable laws or may be in contradiction of this agreement.

In our sole discretion, Certifreecates has the right to amend or change these terms and conditions at any time. It shall be considered that you agree to any changes in these terms and conditions when you continue to use our service or access our website.


You are free to visit and browse our website but you might need to subscribe or sign-up to our website in order to download our certificate templates or utilize the resources, social networks, forums or services that we provide in our website.

Should we require you to subscribe or sign-up to our website, we may ask you to provide us your personal details such as your full name, email address and the like.


We do not offer any refunds and all deals are deemed final because our products and services are digital in nature.

Trademarks and Exclusive Rights

Certifreecates and our cooperating associates owns all the certificate templates, resources, content, multimedia as well as the pictures and icons, trademarks, service marks, page headers, services and service names that may be found on our website. This is in accordance with Israel’s exclusive rights and trademark laws and international conventions. Copyright © 2017 Certifreecates. All rights reserved.

We allow downloading of our certificate templates or other shared resources once and this is for personal and non-commercial purposes only. We do not allow abuse of any of our templates and other resources in any kind of practice. We also do not allow altering or deleting applicable proprietary rights notice, trademarks and/or copyrights from any of our templates.

Prohibited Actions

You hereby agree that your usage of our website including the products and services that we provide will only be used for lawful purposes. Violation of third party rights, unauthorized access or any unlawful actions are not allowed on this website. You agree not to abuse the certificate templates and any other resources from this website in any kind of practice. You cannot alter, redistribute, repost or disclose our website’s content and any other resources in any kind of practice. This also covers includes practices that abuses our certificate templates and any other resources from our website commercially. You hereby agree that:

  • You shall not use our services for the purpose of getting personal details, stalking individuals or directing them to malicious links.
  • You shall not misuse or exploit any data, archives, information, application, feature, system tool, or network that are associated with our services or do harmful actions that could risk our website’s security and safety.
  • You shall not utilize our services for the purpose of disclosing encoded/unidentified communications or any form of activity that is similar to spamming in our website.
  • You shall not distribute content that contains vulgarity, obscenity, profanity or anything that is obtrusive to the privacy or publicity of other individuals.
  • You shall not utilize any kind of framing tactic or scheme to hide or cover our website’s descriptions, brands, trademarks or logos.

At our sole discretion, Certifreecates is entitled to disable or cancel your account perpetually and stop you from using our services.

Warranty Disclaimer

Conditional on your rights, Certifreecates renounces any kind of representation or warranty to the maximum degree permitted by the laws.

Our website including the opinions, evaluations, guidance, recommendations, endorsements or service provided by any of employee or staff of Certifreecates does not establish any form of representation or guarantee concerning the correctness, genuineness, obtainability, dependability, merchantability or appropriateness of the certificate templates and other resources according to your conditions or expectations. The only exception is if the agreement stated a particular representation or guarantee.

Our website and services are only provided for informational purposes. You hereby agree to that any possible risks that may result from utilizing our services online will be your own responsibility. Certifreecates offers its certificate templates genuinely in good faith that it can provide its recipients an acknowledgement of their efforts and hard work but we do not claim authorization or license for those who will be utilizing our templates.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to browse through our website or use our service free from viruses, errors or interruptions or that we can promptly restore our website or services back. Certifreecates holds no accountability for any damages or losses that may result from suspensions which may be caused by technical restrictions, site maintenance, changes in our services or any unexpected situations.


You hereby agree that you shall indemnify Certifreecates and hold our affiliates, associates, subsidiaries, service providers, executives, agents and personnel harmless from any dues, penalties and expenses that may be of legal or administrative in nature which may result from:

  • Your usage of our certificate templates.
  • Your actions and inadvertences on our services or website.
  • Your dependence on the content that may be found on our website including the opinions, evaluations, recommendations and endorsements.
  • Your infringement of this agreement and the appropriate laws.
  • Your infringement of third party rights as well as intellectual property and copyrights.

Limitation of Liabilities

Certifreecates shall not hold any responsibility for any damages that are minor, major, exemplary, special, direct or indirect in nature. This includes but are not limited to low revenues, financial losses, loss of goodwill, information, integrity, equanimity or other losses that are intangible in nature which may result from to your capability or incapability to utilize our certificate templates and any other resources, content, data, social network, forums or services that we offer from our website regardless of the fact that such responsibilities happen as a result of any types of falsification, offense, neglect of duty, breach of an agreement or statutory responsibilities by Certifreecates or otherwise and the likelihood of such accountabilities was already carried. Nonetheless, the limitations of liabilities are applicable to the extent that is permitted in your jurisdiction.

Applicable laws

The terms and conditions stated on this page are governed by the laws of Israel. The parties should only before the non-exclusive authority of Israeli courts.