Privacy Policy

Please take time to read this our policy below as this covers all concerns associated with your privacy and security while accessing our website. Please discontinue your use of this website if you do not agree with any of the policies that are stated in this page.

Part of your agreement with Certifreecates are all the terms stated within this privacy policy. We reserve the right to gather, process, save, utilize or convey your personal details to third parties whenever you access or avail any of our services.

You are hereby giving us the right to collect anonymous information about your device and how you browse around our website. In addition, we may collect personal details such as your full name, email address, physical location and further particulars. Certifreecates will not utilize any types of automated systems or practices to gather your identifiable details.

Please note that Certifreecates will gather your personal details only if you willingly submit them to us with regard to the service or products that we offer. We shall not gather, save, process, utilize or convey your personal data excluding the reasons stated below:

  • Refining our service and providing certificate templates based on your requirements and needs.
  • Enlisting your to our bulletins, newsletters or other services that we may offer.
  • Recognizing users and monitoring their preferences, necessities, search history and/or configurations.
  • Replying to your questions, quotations and/or requirements or making an update on your requirements for the purpose of giving you a satisfying experience.
  • Stoppage of unlawful actions or illegal access of our service or website.
  • Getting in touch with you to give more information about the services that we provide and/or exclusive deals that we may offer to you.
  • Assisting third party entities for offering special deals and/or price cuts if you agree to be a recipient of such deals these entities.
  • Acceptance of your comments and/or providing resolution to any technical issues encountered from using our service.
  • Evaluating the demographic profile of our clients and/or determining what are the preferences of certain types of clients.
  • Assessing the performance and/or correcting inaccuracies or lapses on our service or on the website.

Should you opt to stop receiving any of the special deals or offers from third party entities or unsubscribe from our newsletters, you may do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link which may be found at the lower portion of our promotional emails. On the other hand, we hold the right to notify you about the status of your account or inform you about any revisions or amendments with our policies and terms and this covers our Privacy Policy.

You hereby accept on the possibility of us using cookies and/or automated systems and practices for the purpose of gathering your personal data. Certifreecates may be monetized using Google AdSense or similar services from third party providers that use their cookies for gathering personal details relating to their services. You also agree that we may utilize Google Analytics and/or resources from third party providers for assessing our website traffic and other related information that may be used for managing this website.

Certifreecates under no circumstances will distribute or trade your personal details for direct marketing purposes. However, we hold the right to convey these details with our licensees, service providers and partners with regards to our services and any products that can be found here in our website.  We will only share the information that is needed by the third parties in order to provide such service. Your personal details may be collected prior to giving them to advertisers or third parties.

Certifreecates has the right to provide your personal details to third parties under the following conditions:

  • Agreement with government regulations, pertinent laws and/or court decisions.
  • Collaboration with organizations and/or agencies that will do the investigation.
  • Facilitation of a union or transfer of proprietorship.
  • Protection of our legal privileges and/or business.
  • Stop any abuse of our products or service.

This website may contain advertisements or links to third party websites. However, please be informed that Certifreecates does not officially recommend or endorse any of these services or third party websites which have their independent policies. Our Privacy Policy does not cover your privacy when accessing or using third party websites. We shall not be held accountable for any privacy concerns or matters resulting from accessing these third party websites and/or their services.

We hold the right for the usage of any information that you shared publicly for the purpose of promoting our business.