Free Kids Certificate Templates for Word

From a ‘World’s Best award certificate’ for baking a batch of perfect cookies, to a certificate to celebrate riding their bike without stabilizers or swimming for the first time without armbands. There are so many mini-milestones in your children’s lives that you can recognize and celebrate by awarding a personalized certificate.

Reward Certificates

Treating your child to a reward need not be based around sweet foods such as chocolate or cakes. With a Kids Certificate, you can create a lasting memento of their achievement without resorting to unhealthy food treats.

You can edit and tailor our range of Kids Certificates to suit your needs so you can celebrate your children’s achievements in lasting style. From sporting achievements to rewards for good behavior, regular teeth brushing, visiting the dentist etc. you cannot go wrong with our bright and colorful selection of free certificate templates.

dentist certificate template

Certificate of Bravery

Much as we would like to be brave for our kids, sometimes they have to overcome some things on their own. Offer our fun and jolly certificate when you want to reward your child for visiting the dentist.

ride my bike certificate

Ride my Bike Award Certificate

Help to celebrate the thrill and exhilaration of riding without help with this our fun Ride my Bike Award Certificate. Download and customize the certificate in Word with your child’s name for a fun reward to praise their hard work and achievement.

clean teeth award

Clean Teeth Award Certificate

Getting your kids into a healthy teeth-brushing routine is important. Help to encourage and reward good dental hygiene and a regular brushing routine with our bright, fun and colorful Clean Teeth Award Certificate.


School Certificates

Young children just starting out at pre-school or reception class are always eager to be appreciated and encouraged. A great way for a teacher to reward a child for their achievements is to award a fun certificate that is themed to be appealing to children.

Handing out certificates to reward young children for their participation in a team sport day can give each child something memorable to take home with them to treasure and be proud of. It is never a good idea to ignore children’s efforts at school, especially in their early days and weeks. By offering kids certificates to recognize their efforts and to reward good behavior in class will help to positively reinforce their experiences of school and can help to boost their self-confidence.

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts, so why not young children too? Certificates can be given out for a whole range of school-related subjects – not just academic ones, but also for recognizing individual achievements that a child has struggled to overcome.  Using our fun and exciting range of kids certificates to reward your class can be a very positive thing to do.

kids basketball award

Basketball Award Template

There are a lot of players to recognize on your children basketball team. When you need to single out an individual player for an award use our fully editable Basketball Award Certificate to reward your players.

swimming certificate

Swimming Award Certificate

Learning how to swim is not only an important life skill, it can also be great fun too! Reward your child’s achievements in the pool with our fun and colorful Swimming Award Certificate for Word.

kids soccer award

Kids Soccer Award

Create wonderful certificates that your soccer team players can keep and treasure with our kid’s soccer award certificate template.



  • Thelma

    Reply February 7, 2020 4:37 pm

    Thank you, these are adorable. Your cycle certificate just made a little boys day. He was so happy, he learned to cycle yesterday!

  • Sarah

    Reply July 7, 2020 4:18 am

    Love these, just wish you had a boy or girl option for each certificate. My daughter just learned to ride her bike today and was looking for just the certificate to print up for her. Unfortunately you can only have the boy option for this certificate 🙁

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