Free Gift Certificate Templates for Word

Gift certificates or gift vouchers are a great way to engage with your clients or customers. If you run a retail shop or offer services, you can create and print out your own personalized gift vouchers in different value denominations to award as gifts and offer as prizes to encourage your customers to spend more with you. These would also make great gift vouchers to sell in your shop or sell to your clients so your customers can give them as gifts to their family and friends.

It is a well-known fact that many business owners and company bosses like to offer their best workers rewards for good service or for their achievements in the workplace. Offering gift vouchers to spend in shops or for free meals at local restaurants are very popular choices for most employees. To ensure you get your retail shop, restaurant or business recognized, you could contact local companies to let them know you can offer tailored gift vouchers that they can use to reward their staff or to encourage productivity.

Contacting local businesses who employ lots of staff can not only help you become recognized by the company, but by offering them redeemable gift vouchers that their staff can spend at your establishment, it can help raise awareness of your business amongst their staff and will encourage more customers through your door.

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Pink Gift Certificate Template

A gift certificate template with a feminine touch, our modern and pretty gift voucher template is fully customizable in Word.

gift certificate template for word

Vanilla & Caramel Gift Certificate Template

An eye-catching and snazzy design with a cool color combination, our fully customizable Gift Certificate Template in vanilla & cream is a great way to encourage more spending in your shop or business.


Gift Vouchers for Services

It’s not only retail shops and restaurants that can benefit from offering gift vouchers for sale or to give away as prizes for competitions, it is also a great way to get yourself noticed and attract more customers if you offer a service too!

Whether you are a mobile hairdresser, a cleaning company, gardener, handyman or dog walker, no matter what services you offer to your local community you can promote your business and encourage new customers through the giving of gift vouchers for your services. You can sell gift vouchers for different denominations of value, or to help promote one specific service that you offer. Great for raising awareness and promoting a new service recently added to your list!

luxury gift certificate

Charcoal & Wood Gift Certificate Template

An elegant and stylish Gift Certificate Template with a masculine theme. Ideal to sell in your retail shop or to sell to your clients to exchange for your services.


Gift vouchers are also good to offer to your regular clients for when they are on the lookout for gifts and presents to buy friends or family members. Mobile therapists and nail technicians can offer vouchers in exchange for some lovely pampering treatments for special occasions, such as for Christmas, birthdays or for wedding preparations before a bride’s big day.

No matter what service you offer, you can bring in some extra revenue by offering gift vouchers for sale or to be used as prizes for charity events or competitions. They are a professional, presentable and easy way to promote your business and encourage new customers.

Simply browse our gift voucher category to find the design you like. Download your chosen gift certificate template to your computer, and then feel free to edit your gift voucher with the text you desire using Microsoft Word. You have a number of customizable options, so you can really make your gift voucher design unique and completely relevant to your business.

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