Free Employee of the Month Certificate Templates

Happiness in the workplace is an especially hot topic right now. Keeping your staff happy and engaged with their work and colleagues is of prime importance if you want to run a productive and effective office. Awarding a certificate that recognizes the Employee of the Month can really show your employee’s just how much you appreciate them and the work they do for the company.

Our professional and elegant designs are ideal to award to an employee per month, and you can quickly and easily edit and customize the certificate template to suit your tastes. You can even change the color schemes to match with your own company colors if you wish to make the certificates look more in-tune with your company style.

Retaining engaged and talented employees is an important element of a productive workplace. Recognizing the efforts and talents of your staff can go a long way towards fostering a sense of loyalty and trust that can make all the difference between keeping a valuable employee or losing them to a rival company.

employee of the month certificate

Employee of the Month Certificate

Our beautifully designed Employee of the Month Award Certificate is a tasteful and stylish way to acknowledge their extra efforts and to reward their hard work.


There is a lot more to keeping talented staff happy and preventing them from leaving than making sure they get paid on time. You can reduce the risk of losing valuable employees to your competition by showing that you recognize their contribution to the company and that you appreciate all the extra effort they put in that is above and beyond the remit of their job.

Relationship building and strengthening is a crucial part of running a successful business. So by setting up an in-house appreciation program where staff members get the recognition that they deserve, your staff retention levels will improve greatly.

Although as an employer it is your job to try and cut down on costs and expenditure, neglecting to recognize the hard work of your staff in some way can lead to a very unhappy workplace. Having unhappy workers can lead to poor productivity, and therefore a loss of profits that can seriously affect your bottom line. Staff appreciation is an area where you can make a positive impact without it actually costing you a fortune to implement or maintain.

employee of the month award

Employee of the Month Award with Picture

When you want to reward a good employee, there is no better way to recognize their achievements than to award them with our free Employee of the Month Award Certificate.


Recognition and Awards

It can take a lot of energy to keep your employees motivated and keen to work. This is why those companies who have a staff appreciation system really stand out. It can be quite inexpensive to keep your top performers energized and motivated. All it takes in most cases is to show a little respect and appreciation for their consistent efforts or top-notch quality of work.

Recognizing an outstanding worker starts with that person’s name. A meaningful award such as an ‘Employee of the Month’ award can be much more valuable and long lasting than a token trinket or box of chocolates. Awarding an employee of the month certificate doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it is very specific, timely and given with great sincerity.

dark employee of the month certificate

Dark Employee of the Month Certificate

Any good employer will want to recognize their team members achievements. It is a key to boosting morale and building a strong working relationship between you and your staff. Rewarding your staff for their efforts can promote a healthy and productive workplace.


For a business owner, this means that you can completely justify your employee reward budget without it seriously impacting on your profits each month. Choose one of our premium Employee of the Month award certificates and customize it to suit your company color scheme. You can then edit it with your employee’s name and award details. Your chosen employee will also be touched by the personal efforts you have put into tailoring the award just for them!

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