Free Certificate Templates for 2021

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With Certifreecates, you can have unlimited access to our bespoke range of free and premium certificate templates. We have every style imaginable on offer so you will be spoiled for choice with our superb range of professional certificates. Each certificate template is quick and easy to edit to enable you to print your own beautifully designed and unique certificates from home.

Certifreecates have everything you need, so no matter what occasion or event you have planned, we have got you covered! From morale boosting participation certificates to gift vouchers and award certificates and much more.

How do I Edit a Certificate?

Firstly, you need to browse our extensive range of templates to find your favorite design. Once you have chosen one that is a perfect fit for your needs, whether it is to be used as a reward for an individual or as a way to promote your business, you can then download it to your computer so you can edit it in Word.

You will be able add your relevant text, so if you want to personalize it with a name and spell out their achievement, you can do this very easily. You will be able to fully customize your certificate to make it completely relevant to you. For example, this is especially useful for shop owners who want to sell or award gift vouchers that can be redeemed in their shop. You can personalize the gift certificates to reflect your own company logo and color scheme etc. as well as specify the value of your gift voucher.

Tips for editing your certificate: We would recommend that you choose a suitable font to edit your certificate with. It should be a font that is clear and easily read (not too small or too fancy). Double check your wording for spelling mistakes before you send your certificate to print. You will want to make your certificate look as professional as possible.

Print out a test copy to check over before you award your certificate. Sometimes your chosen text and font can look very different on a hard copy to what it looks like on a computer screen.

Free and Premium Certificate Templates

It is up to you whether you choose a design from our free or premium certificate templates. Our premium range of certificates are delivered to you without a watermark and in a very high-resolution to give you a much more crisp and professional finish to your certificate or gift voucher.

Let’s take a closer look at our spectacular range so you can find the perfect certificate to suit your needs:

Certificates of Completion

Our stunning range of certificates of completion templates are designed to help you to celebrate the completion of any milestone event. Awarding a certificate of completion in acknowledgement of a job well done can really boost the morale and self-confidence of the recipient. You could use these to reward your students in a classroom setting on completion of a course or educational project, or award them to your sports team on completion of a competition – there are so many different uses for these versatile awards!

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Certificates of Appreciation

We can recognize the outstanding efforts that people make by awarding an Appreciation Certificate. This can be a great way to strengthen the bonds and camaraderie between sports team-mates and coaches. These certificates are also great to present to donors as a thank you for when you receive donations of money or prizes for events or good causes that you are holding to raise money for charity. What a great way to acknowledge the effort or achievements of others and show them how much you appreciate them!

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Gift/Voucher Certificates

As many business owners know, rewarding your loyal customers and encouraging new customers are the keystones to creating a successful business. Using our gift voucher certificates to either give as a ‘thank-you’ gift for your customers loyalty, or to sell in your shop to encourage new or repeat trade is a winning formula. You could even create your own in-store gift vouchers to use as prizes for local community events or to create your own monthly prize-draw competition. The uses are endless!

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Kids Certificates

From being brave at the dentist to riding a bike without stabilizers, kids love having their achievements recognized and praised by their parents and family members! With our bright and colorful range of children’s award certificates, you will find a template that will suit many different occasions. Themed to be appealing to kids, our range of certificates are a great way to celebrate your children’s mini-milestones as they go through life. Pick a design that you like, download it and edit it in Word to create your very own personalized certificate.

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Award Certificates

When it is time to reward your class, sports team or employee’s for a job well done, you can show your appreciation by awarding your top performers or whole team effort with an award certificate. Doing this is a fantastic way to boost morale within your team and encourages them to carry on striving to deliver a high level of achievement.

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Employee of the Month Certificates

When you are a boss, recognizing the efforts of your employee’s is important. Apart from giving verbal feedback to your employee’s on a regular basis, you may want to give a bit of positive reinforcement when one member of your team does a good job. Awarding an Employee of the Month certificate can be fun motivational tool to use in the workplace, but remember that you should make it fair and choose someone different each month. By doing this you are not only recognizing each individual’s efforts, but showing your appreciation by awarding them a printed certificate that is something tangible and long-lasting.

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