Free Award Certificates Templates

Sporting Award Certificate Templates

Why not recognize the achievements, hard work and dedication of your sports team players by rewarding them with these special award certificates. You can fully customize each certificate with Word to personalize them to each individual team member. Our range of designs are great to boost the confidence of your team and to reward a season of great scores or a promotion up the ranks.

You can single out members for special awards, including Team Spirit Certificates to help recognize players who encourage their team mates during the game.  Reward your best up and coming team member with a Most Inspirational Player certificate or Most Improved player for those who have really put in a lot of effort to improve their game. You can recognize your team’s strongest member with a Most Valuable Player certificate to encourage their talent to shine through.

Certificate templates can be tailored to reflect your team colors so they can feel even more special for the recipients. Giving out sporting awards not only help to boost your team-mates confidence, it can help to spur them on to put that bit of extra effort into everything they do, from training sessions to their sporting performance during a game.

Certificates and awards can be great motivational tools to not only help boost the morale of your players, but to also make newer players or those less confident players feel more like part of the team. You can use these awards to recognize the team efforts of your players, but also to single out individuals who may deserve a little more encouragement. An award for ‘Most Improved Player’ would go down really well under these circumstances.

basketball award

Free Basketball Award Certificate

You can customize this free bright and colorful certificate template with individual team player names and there is space to add what they are being recognized for.

run certificate

Finisher’s Certificate

Our free Finisher’s Certificate is fully editable in Word so you can change the sporting event title to suit whatever activity you have planned. What a great way to be rewarded!


Team Award Certificate Templates

It is not just sports teams that can greatly benefit from having Award Certificates! Don’t forget that if you run or are part of any sort of team, there will always be room for special team award certificates. Whether you run a pub quiz team, are a team leader in a volunteering group, or play an instrument in an orchestra, you are very reliant on your team-mates working together to get you through your challenges or projects.

Why not show that you appreciate and admire the teamwork efforts of your group members by handing out special awards. Again, much like how a sports team can recognize their best player, most improved player or most valuable player, you could also apply the same awards here too!

winner award

Winner Certificate

You can download this free certificate template for Word and customize it to suit the sporting event and the winners name. Great for handing out at an awards ceremony.


Let’s say your orchestra has had a new member this year. The latest edition to your team will have had a lot of pressure to meet with your high standards of performance as well as fitting in and becoming part of your team. Why not recognize their efforts and fresh enthusiasm by giving them an Award for ‘Most Improved Member’.

You may want to recognize the consistent efforts of one team member in particular whose reliability and stability has helped strengthen your team. You know that out of all your team-mates, this one person can be relied upon to be present every single week. You could reward that person with a ‘Most Valuable Player or Member’ award to show them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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