Employee of the Month Award with Picture

employee of the month certificate

When you want to reward a good employee, there is no better way to recognize their achievements than to award them with our free Employee of the Month Award Certificate. This cool and professional certificate will be suitable for any employees from administrative professionals to bar staff, catering or waitressing staff members. The design is not industry specific, so can be used to reward your best employee with a thoughtful and stylish award certificate to display with pride. Fully customizable in Word, you can tailor the text areas with your recipients name, add their head and shoulder profile picture, and details of their award.

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General Questions & Answers

How do I edit the template I have downloaded?

Our files are delivered in compressed zip format which contain multiple files, usually the certificate template and the documentation file. Once the ZIP file downloaded, you first need to extract the files using your operating system’s unzip program or any ZIP extractor utility such as Winzip, Winrar…

We recommend you to carefully read the detailed documentation as it contains instructions and provides links to the fonts being used in the template which we suggest to install if you want your certificate to look the same as in the preview.

Microsoft Word (2007 or higher) is required to open and edit the template. Just click on the text placeholders and replace the text with your own content.

Why the fonts don't look like in the preview?

Before opening the template you should download and install the fonts listed in the documentation.

What's the difference between the free and the premium version?

The free version includes a small watermark and is in medium resolution (up to 150 DPI) while the premium version does not include a watermark and is in high resolution (300 DPI).

Why is there a white border when I print my certificate?

Some home printers cannot print on edges, this is a common known limitation. For a professional printing, you might consider using the services of a local print shop near you.

For the complete list of general questions and answers, click here.



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  • Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Farg

    Reply March 21, 2019 9:50 am

    Well done. Excellent work this month and you are an example to your colleagues. Keep it up.

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